DELOS Platform for nanoformulation and drug delivery. Adding value to drugs and healthcare products.

Delos is a formulation platform based on proprietary technology which improves the quality and performance of actives and ingredients. We develop next generation nanomedicines and new delivery systems with tailored and improved properties in terms of bioavailability, stability, addressability, and multifunctionality. We protect and transport from small molecules to proteins and biomolecules, integrating and stabilizing them on solid particles or nanovesicles.

Delos is a green and sustainable platform, that uses compressed CO2 as solvent, that brings efficiently to you new drug formulations based on fine particles and nanoencapsulated actives.


Delos enabled products

We can help you to generate new products with improved quality and performance, with impact onto absorption, release, stability, delivery and transport properties of actives and ingredients. We reformulate them as particulate materials to:

  1. Integrate and conjugate actives, from small chemical molecules to peptides, proteins and genetic material, into Delos nanovesicles or nanoliposomes.
  2. Encapsulate actives in solid polymeric or lipidic micro or nanoparticles.
  3. Increase their stability with regards to chemical, physical and solid state properties.
  4. Increase or modulate their solubility and bioavailability.
  1. Increase their stability in aqueous formulations. Lipophilic molecules can be stabilized in water media.
  2. Protect biological and/or labile actives.
  3. Improve their addressability by new delivery systems, that can provide targeting to specific locations.
  4. Enable topical, parenteral and pulmonary routes of administration.
  5. Allow for terminal sterilization of final aqueous formulations.

Benefits and advantages

  1. Products with high added value:
    • Development of New Therapeutic Entities or Added Value Medicines: Reformulations of APIs, development of nanosimilars and supergenerics.
    • New nanomedicines and drug products with superior efficacy for unmet clinical needs.
    • Extending product life cycle with patentable new formulations.
  2. Technology scaled-up and adapted to pharmaceutical development regulations (ICH, EMA, FDA) following development approaches such as Quality by Design.
  1. Obtain versatile ingredients or intermediates easy to formulate as liquid, solid, semisolid, spray and lyophilized final forms.
  2. Gain cost-effectivity in manufacturing of intermediates (high-added value ingredients) and final products. Consumption of less solvents, less energy in straightforward, lower steps, processes.
  3. Obtain multifunctional high-added value products: Therapeutic & Antiseptic, Therapeutic & Diagnostic, Protection & Antiseptic, etc.


We are looking for partners interested in the implementation of our technology platform in their actives or intermediate formulations.

We are a flexible R+D partner and we can tailor projects to our partner’s needs, supporting them throughout all development stages. Our partnering and codevelopment model includes the following stages:

Feasibility studies

  • 2 to 6-month study to evaluate the processability of an API or excipient towards a new therapeutic entity or reformulation.
  • 4 months to 2 years R+D for a Nanomedicine or active reformulation feasibility concept.

Preclinical pharmaceutical development, scale-up studies and CMC

  • Prototype development according to defined quality specifications.
  • Process development and scale-up. Quality by Design approach.
  • Analytical method development and validation (particle size and shape, composition, etc.).

Technology Transfer and support in clinical development

  • Cost studies. Evaluation of pilot and industrial implementation from technical, environmental and economic points of view.
  • Production of batches for Clinical Trials. Conceptual and detailed engineering.
  • Implementation of cGMP pilot production on-client site or on third CDMO facilities.

Project Management

  • Coordination with Regulatory and Quality Agencies to define the Regulatory Roadmap, equipment suppliers, and manufacturing strategy for the production of clinical and industrial batches.

Consultancy in nanoparticulate materials development

  • We are experts in nanotechnology-based materials and can help you to improve or implement related procedures.

Delos nanovesicles


We have developed a new class of Small Unilamellar Vesicles (SUV) for the efficient and versatile integration of small molecules, peptides, proteins, targeting ligands, fluorescent organic molecules and genetic material (DNA, RNA). The main features of the formulations based in this new kind of Delos nanocarriers are the following:

  1. Extremely high stability as colloidal system (3 years).
  2. Very homogeneous, nanoscopic (50 to 200 nm) unilamellar vesicles.
  3. Excellent bioactive encapsulation efficiencies (90%).
  4. Versatility in integration of active compounds (lipophilic and hydrophilic).
  5. Improved, targeted or preserved activity.
  1. Biocompatible and non-irritant in a human epidermal 3D model in vitro (Episkin).
  2. Colloidal carriers stable upon dilution (contrarily to surfactant micelles).
  3. Stable with temperature.
  4. Easy functionalization and manipulation.
  5. Suitable for sprayable, lyophilisable, gel-like and emulsion formulations, with possible terminal sterilization in case of liquid formulations.
  1. Multifunctional: In-built antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity.
  2. One-step robust and sustainable production. Feasible continuous production.
  3. Added functionalities and cancelled drawbacks compared to standard nanocarriers — liposomes.

Solid particulate materials

FROM APIS and excipients.

Delos platform permits to reformulate active ingredients as solid particulate materials, with extremely efficient control on their size, morphology, solid form, purity and homogeneity. This platform can supply powdered solid micro and nanoparticles as drug delivery systems and sustained release forms. Pure micronized APIs or pharmaceutical ingredients combining APIs and several excipients, such as polymers or lipids, in form of micron or nano-sized particles can be straightforwardly produced.

As a one-step production of micron-and nanosized particles, Delos brings real advantages over conventional crystallization / precipitation / micronization processes, such as:

  1. Robust control of particle size and crystallinity/amorphism.
  2. High purity products.
  3. In-process elimination of residual solvent / reduction of residual solvent levels.
  1. Processing of thermolabile and waxy compounds.
  2. Single-step in single-area process.
  3. Easy and reproducible scale-up.
  1. Environmentally friendly technology.
  2. Feasible continuous production.
  3. Technically and economically viable implementation at industrial scale, cGMP.